Custom Chinese Herbal Formulas

Many acupuncture practitioners in this country utilize herbs in their practice. For various reasons, most practitioners use premade herbal tablets or pills. If the product is well made, then this tends to be basically effective, but not as effective as it could be. This is because Chinese herbal formulas are meant to be customized to each patient in order to fully and exactly address that particular patient's needs.

When we can customize a formula, that is, when we can add or take out herbs to meet the exact needs of the patient, we can create a unique formula that is specific for each individual patient. In order to do this, we need to use individual herbs either in their raw form or as processed granules or powders.

I use high quality granular herbs made from herbs grown in China that are checked to make sure they are organic and free of pesticides and herbacides after entering this country. I can honestly say that I have never given the same formula to two different people because no two people are the same. Chinese herbal formulas, when customized and administered in this way, are exceptionally effective for almost any chronic or acute illness.

More Information on Chinese Herbs:

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